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April 29, 2009


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This isn't even close to being true. Please follow the Raw Data link and look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current CES Economic News Release - Employment Situation Summary and you will see that it cannot possibly be correct. Beware you coolaid drinkers, you are taking us all down with you.

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So i was going for a more modern look to my card (well, because my kids asked me not to make it all "frilly and stuff"). Since they will be the ones giving this card to DH's mom, I figured I would go with what they would like to give her. :-) The rose (from the Roses in Bloom set) is embossed onto Vellum c.s. using Detail Black embossing powder and layered for some extra dimension. The sentiment (also from the Roses in Bloom set) is also embossed...I think it really helps it stand out a little bit more. I then added some,e stitching, and a few embellishments and my card was finished! :-)

If you are unfamiliar with how the Waltzingmouse Blog Waltz works, head on over to THIS thread on the Waltzingmouse House Forum (you will need to register...but don't worry it's quick and easy)! :-) Like any good Blog Waltz, there are prizes to be had so make sure you check out all of the fun! OH...on the DT cards, there are little Asian Motif Flowers hidden (some have more than one) in our cards...so be on the lookout ofcourse.

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I love ice tea,but dont like hot tea.I would like to try hot and cold milk tea can you tell me how to make it?
Does it matter what typr of tea bag I use?How much milk?Do I add anything else?I would like to try it chilled first..then hot...I looked up milk tea on google and didnt get much....Can you help?THANKS!

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Just want to say thank you so much to your blog,i made my own tea and its so delicious i did whats on your post thats why i am so happy. Please keep posting!


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Nice story! I also make my own Ice coffee sometimes, Ice tea with cream. Perfectly delicious.


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This wonderful cup of iced coffee looks absolute yum. Give me such a cup any day and I would completely smack it off.


Ha! I add loads of lemon, thus removing my tooth enamel..


Re 'white collar criminal'.

Maybe not. But what about cheapskate? One measly cup of hot tea, loads of ice in the glas? you call that iced TEA???? More like tea-flavored ice water.

Life is too short.


But what about the criminal act thingie?? Pls advise.


Not a huge fan of iced coffee but love the story of Maddy's iced coffee adventure down south.

Son of Foodie

Grandson/ son of the above mentioned mother and daughter team at that Georgia diner drinks Iced Coffee almost everyday.

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