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June 21, 2009


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Chanel j12

And I always try to combine the two. If you go with me, let me tell you, we're going to eat - not at McDonald's either. Well, except that time on the Big Island where McDonald's was selling Haupia (Creamy Coconut) Pie instead of Molten Apple, thenaaaaaaf, for the first time in decades, I searched out the Golden Arches.


Tks, Kathy F--will seek out that book.
We recall reading that the plant pathologists/researchers responsible for safeguarding Russia's seed potatoes at the Institute established by Nikolai Vavilov did not eat them during the siege, amazingly. Vavilov, a renowned breeder and collector, died in 1943 in one of Stalin's prisons.


You can eat my raw cookie dough. Nothing in there remotely resembling salmonella.

And, library paste was apparently consumed via the black market in Leningrad during the siege, if you believe the very good book City of Thieves. It kept many alive, but the books didn't survive, sadly. (You should read it, as it has a major foodie theme.)

hog roast

That takes me back some years!

I used to love it when my gran was baking. I would try to get my hands in to everything and would get slapped more than once, but it was worth every minute!


I had a young friend staying with me for several weeks and he never failed to drift towards the kitchen in the evening saying "That smells so good." It was always the same ( "real")thing--local fresh garlic, olive oil, onion.


Hooooray for real food.

Homemade meals.
True baking breads, cakes and cookies.
Fresh vegetables.

Even here in downtown Belgium ready made or pre-cut meals/salads/veg/meats are on the rise. Where there was a minute section at the supermarkets some years ago, now the section is huge. And mostly single portions.

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