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June 17, 2009


Fire Alarm Testing

Great ideas in a well thought out piece. Love the way you put your point over. I'll be looking for more from you.

Jennifer Chea

People are constantly talking about it – obesity, losing weight, exercising, eating healthy, becoming vegan, counting calories, etc. It’s all over the news, in the magazines; celebrities are as thin as ever, celebrities gaining a few pounds, commercials for dieting supplements, and even vibrating pads that apparently “turn your fat into muscles overnight”; it’s almost ridiculous. Everyday, we are forced to hear of the common talk of obesity and prevention. “America Awakes To, Duh, Veggies” is a sarcastically written blog that mocks some people’s “encouraging” ideas to being healthy. The writer suggests that we have heard so much that it’s “irritating” in a sense. As a society in whole, there’s a strong sense of obligation to follow what the media feels is healthy. Because of this, even the thinnest people are driven to the extremes – anorexia, anemia, and even osteoporosis. While the blog is short and sweet, Julie Guthman’s “The Food Police” takes it a up a notch, saying that “it has become common to speak of an “epidemic of obesity”. News sources routinely feature articles on obesity, and some even suggest that the obesity epidemic is one of the greatest health threats of our time.” She generally suggests that people do not understand that being healthy does not necessarily mean being skinny. While not everyone functions the same, it’s up to the individual to figure out what’s best for them, physically and emotionally, when deciding to take the healthy route.

Clark Habecker

In the United States obesity is an issue among our children as well as our childrens parents, but obesity is bound to happen and i feel it is too easy to pull out the flaws. The author makes a valid point. The United States does not do a proper job of keeping healthy. But this blog is a harsh view point of obesity. It similar to Julie Guthman article, "The Food Police." In "The Food Police" Guthman talk of obesity in the exact opposite way that this blogs author does. Guthman does not view obesity as an issue in the US, whereas the blog's author views obesity as a terrible issue that must be fixed. Both authors have valid points to make but are to fixed on their view point to make an accurate conclusion. Obesity is an issue in the United States, but obesity is not an epidemic by any means. It is obvious that both induviduals have biased opinions but as the readers of this blog it should be dually noted that obesity is not the biggest problem within our country, health wise.


And I didn't even mention Alice Waters receiving endless credit for the garden at the WH. Grrr!



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