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July 30, 2009


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Beer breweries belong to the oldest of the trades, it is no wonder why different tastes and beer "culture" have evolved.

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That is really neat! I have never heard of that. I think I will make it a trip to go visit the breweries, sounds really fun.


Warm piss, SOF?

Well, you know those Flakes...!


This morning I read about their beer choices, and I thought I was the one to originally think of Red, Lite, and Blue. But of course others in DC had the same thought.

And there's a Capitol Brewery in Madison that's pretty good. When Leah was little, she and her dad rode their bikes to the library, not far from the brewery. At the desk, while checking out, she said, "Can we stop by the brewery on the way home daddy?" She was about 7, and hardly old enough to drink. Barrett was afraid he'd have to answer charges of allowing a minor to drink.

Son of Foodie

Amen Mom !!!!!! He's reported to be drinking a Bud Light( which is not really good for you!!!!!

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