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August 12, 2009


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Its a a nice movie about Julia Child and her passion for cooking.

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Seen the movie version of it and really love the actors acting.

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I'll probably watch it later before bedtime. Thanks for sharing the info!

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I have just finished watching the movie, I love how they portrayed their roles on the movie.

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Just finished downloading the movie, I'll probably watch it later when everyone's asleep.


KF Her passionate defense of veal, with all that was and is known of the horrors of raising calves in boxes, finished it for us.

That said, according to her old friends, the jolly, unpompous Julia of the film's slice of time supposedly was accurate.

Here's what gets us: the ONLY food-related exhibit at the Smithsonian is the recreation of Julia's kitchen, always filled with visitors. Hence, our call for a National Food Museum on the Mall.


I really cannot stand Julia Child. Such a pompous ass.


Tks, Gritty!
You've hit on a key point--most of us no longer cook the old French-style rich sauces...and master time-consuming cooking methods, however interestingly described by JC. Lord knows the food is goooood, but what wouldn't be, involving mega mounds of butter?!

I bet your simple farm fare is terrific, but I applaud your efforts in pushing the envelope.


HEY! Quit the rudeness about Julie! You've missed the point! Without Julie there would be no Julia renaissance. Without Julie I wouldn't be upping my culinary skills from simple farm fare to French cuisine.

Now that my rant is over...I have been reading your blog for a long time and love it! =)

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