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September 11, 2009


Rory in NC

2/3 of Americans are overweight and manny of them suffered ffrom chronic diseases due to obesity. The weight loss industry players must come out with some really effective products to help these bunch of people.

hollywood bistro

One of the major problem today, must have a special program to prevent obesity.

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Yeah....there are a lot of fat Americans.

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I absolutely agree with you. I think it is so sad the high rate of obesity. I think there are so many families out there that are busy with school, sports, and work. It is easier and quicker to pick up fast food rather then spending the time to cook a healthy meal. It is so important to teach our children when they are young how to eat healthy and stay physically fit.


Dear Anon: We salute you, and YES,speaking for all Americans, we are NUTS. That said, we will ask no questions, so you need tell no lies. ( Liar!)

Anonymous Hehehe

"Court Says Employer Must Pay For 340-Pound Employee's Weight-Loss Surgery"- from todays Huffpost.
I have become fat too, but finally tried to do something about it. In Yurrup, with a doctors letter I went to a commercial diet outfit ( individual sessions, no rah rah and weigh-ins ) The cost is very bearable and partial covered by our goverment health system. Not one session, but 5 every year- but there must/should be a limit.

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