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September 17, 2009





Someone chez moi has gone off j.beans in a big way. I still have a stash which will start sprouting soon.


T-paper is a common shortcut for TOILET PAPER, my dear, similar to T. Rex?

It's on Uptown Loop, near Louisiana and Indian School. Opens Sept 25.

Thought someone chez toi was addicted to j.beans...


T-paper???? You jest, or have you got an overdose of PC behaviour???. What is wrong with toilet paper or even bog-rolls? Well b-rolls might be a word to far for some, or too Brit.

BTW. Where is the 2nd TJ to be?
And Aldi, TJ's daddy just had an American week here in Yurrup. Nuts, BBQ sauces, ketchup , muffin mixes and even-expensive- jellybeans. Jellybeans were still languishing on the shelf a fortnight later.

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