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October 05, 2009


Diet Meal Plans

I think this post is good but i read more about fast food.


interesting post i like it.i learn more more about it.thanks.keep posting.


Fanny! Long time no see.

Fanny Burke

I think Epicurious will remain--and strengthen. And Ruth Reichl will probably hang on via this site.....who knows?


Any word on whether the Gourmet archive will continue to live on at epicurious.com (another Condé Nast property)? I don't know how far back it goes now, honestly, I just know that's my only encounter with Gourmet, and the recipes I've tried have been pretty good...


Hog roast,
I have -bad- news for you. The 'no speed limits' is a myth. Germans -and the high end car manufactures - are very stroppy about their road rights, a bit like many of you guys about curtailment of rights to have guns etc.

So there is no county-wide speed limit. BUT-the local German goverments have put up speed restriction en masse. ( Usually 100-130km ph. ) What good does it do to be able to rev up our car for a tiny spurt and then you have to crawl along with the rest? The autobahns are so overcrowded now that one lane is solid trucks and only the 2nd and/if a third is for regular cars. Roadworks every few kilometers- 60-80km limit.

Dream on, but its no fun, I assure you. Like foodie we all seem to have a disconnect between what was then and what is now.

Oy vey.


Always enjoyed the Autostrada joints for eating, too--but neither system features a major world museum.

Yes---"no decent baguettes, lousy croissants, demise of quality local eateries."..I did not encounter any of that during our 2006 10,000 k France Odyssey, tracking down food heritage sites, but then, we were well hosted by France tourism...

Rose--daily I am amused/brought up short by a disconnect between my personal culture and what's now "in"---and I am not yet a Medicare recipient!

hog roast

I have always wanted to drive on the Autobahn's in Germany due to the fact that there is no speed limits.

But since finding out from your article that they have a wonderful selection of food stops intrigues me further.


Winds of change:

My first ever Mac I ate was in Moscow, 10 years ago. My hosts seemed it the only food on the go which "was safe to eat."

Autobahn rest stops in Germany used to be a dire affair. Now, a British conglomerate has bought them all and has/is redoing them.
( irony here, British roadside eateries are the most dire in the world ) The Autobahn food courts are delightful, offer a variety of food from local to concession foods like Nordsee ( seafood ), Pizza Hut, to Burger King and Italian espresso bars like Segafredo and Lavazza. There are the usual shops with books, magazines and tourist kitsch.

As to Mac at the Louvre- I was rolling my eyes too, but have you read the article in the NY Times very recently about the dire state of Parisian local resto food? Maybe you - and I - have to take off our pink glases regarding memories of yesteryear?

And no, I do not eat hamburgers as a rule, nor do I miss Gourmet magazine.

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