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November 10, 2009



If we eat everything in moderation there will be no problems with obesity. Even junk foods will not add a single pound and have no effect on us if we only learn moderation. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritionist, Manchester

I completely agree. A little bit of everything is good. I find that not allowing yourslef to have something only makes you want it more.

John Boynton

True you do need to have a balanced diet. So many people avoid all fats in food but fail to realize that the very cells that make up their body are protected by a fatt outer layer.

Rene Didier

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I agree with you that you need some carbs in your diet. Thanks for sharing - great article.

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You should't cut any single group out completely...you need a healthy balance of all of them!

Marc Kincade

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sounds like a decent approach!


I agree that moderation is the key. I also tried a no carb diet and it was very hard for me. I do better if I eat heathy food, drink water, and exercise.

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Well I have the same experience.. You cannot totally put out carb out of your life..

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