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November 14, 2009


Jordan 1

I like the style of your article! I was shocked that you think it!


Found it! Tried it! YUM. Thank you, B&J.

Now send me one of Fred's pretzels, Rose.


Poor Obama- and us.

Just found something else surplus to requirements: old white male pompous politicians! ( "This is Maddy- she does not want healthcare...")

But then... Palin???? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Back to food: After our visit to the Octoberfest and real pretzels
( Brezen ) hubby tried to make them at home. Great success with a recipe from an American food website, no less.


True, Rose--(I just scored an amazing London Fog bronzy, slickery leopard print trench coat at Goodwill for $6...) And--do we need dozens of right wing pundits commenting negatively on Obama bowing in Japan, when bowing in greeting is politely done by EVERYONE to EVERYONE there, especially in formal settings?


Joining the curmudgens: I am not talking about EATING ice cream, I am bothererd by the surfeit of everything.

Do we actually need 365 of anything? Ice cream, cars, throw-away clothes? We all should get used to less, we cannot afford endless consumerism.

Poor Obama has a tough time in China right now- the consumer chicken has come home to roost.

PS. My rant started with the availability of pumpkin icecream???? Tsk.


Well, Kenny et al, no Pumpkin at Walmart either. The quest thickens and quickens.

As for enjoying less, quite true, Rose. Have had ZIP ice cream since August!


Glad the dim bulb was not an employee of my beloved TJ, could not bear that. Even though TJ's big brother ALDI has only underpaid dim bulbs working there- you gets what you pays???

I noticed you were mainly concerned with the not-trusting-the -employee issue but I got stuck on the 365 flavor philosophy. What happened to enjoying less?

Vanilla, choc, strawberry??? Err, maybe not.


Found Pumpkin listed as a "seasonal flavor" on Double Rainbow website.
Hope in America is renewed.


Call me a curmudgeoness, but my main point really was the bit about stores fearing the worst of their own employees.

Also--my poor punctuation may have led readers to think that the TJ manager was a dim bulb. Not. It was the Smith's guy.

And--I think that Double Rainbow comes out with a pumpkin ice cream each year and that TJ either carries it or absorbs it into its own brand.

Tks, Kenny--do you work for B&J?

Meanwhile,and more importantly, what about Afghanistan?

kenny schnabel

ben & jerry's pumpkin cheesecake was sold by ben & jerry's to it's ben & jerry's scoopshops and to walmart

kenny schnabel

ben & jerry's pumpkin cheesecake is primarily available at ben & jerry's scoop shops and at walmart - call ahead wherever you decide to try to see if it's in stock - it is a limited batch flavor so it's available for a short time only - the next limited batch flavor will be gingersnap


My, my, you do sound crotchety!

Being deprived of Pumpkin icecream??? Shock, horror, the world ends! What are you going to do??? Eat one of 365 other flavours?

How anout pine-needle flavoured icecream for Christmas??? Next week? We would not want to miss a day of the lenghty commercial exploitation time leading up to Christmas day.

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