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February 05, 2011



Tks, AZ--I will find out where the ahi is from, and what it is. I am familiar with the Monterey Bay guide, and definitely approve of all this.
I need to recheck with U of S Florida re their latest on dispersants in the Gulf....


Was mildly alarmed to witness your guy chowing down an ahi-tuna sandwich, and rushed to my new favorite food info site: www.seafoodwatch.org. Jean Michel Cousteau was on our cruise thru French Polynesia last month, and he repeatedly, and in varying forms, impressed upon us the vulnerability of our fellow creatures below the sea.

He handed out small wallet-sized Guides to sustainable seafood (published by the Monterey Bay aquarium). You can download these handy references from above website, or research a particular fish. But it is still tricky to sort out what is endangered and what not, and you have to hope that your local fishmonger can tell you something about the fish's provenance. Ahi tuna, for example, is a name bandied about, but most usually refers to yellowtail, which is OK if it is caught is Hawaiian or US waters and not caught by longline ...etc., etc. You doubtless know all this. But I urge you to publicize seafoodwatch.org on your blog.

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