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February 03, 2011


Simon S

That's nice to read that there will be contributions from contributors as well as photos. This is definitely a great blog, we are inspired to cook and try new dishes.

Simon S

Sounds delicious, it made hungry right at this moment. Great post.


We were eating at a trendy DC Indian restaurant recently when a diner whipped out his camera to photograph his food, and then his friends. His laser-like powerful flash nearly blinded us! Sometimes recording the foodie moment just doesn't make sense...but on your upcoming trip,Peggy, take some foodish pix,pls. We'll put them up.


I've had Sushi with all the ingredients in little bowls on the table, family style, with pieces of Nori torn up to be dipped in soy sauce, and used to pick up bits from the bowls...a bit like using bread in some Middle Eastern or African countries. It was beautiful to see all the colorful festive choices on the table, communal in our sharing, with lots of wasabi to use as desired. It would have made a lovely photo if anyone had cared to take it... we were all too busy eating and talking and delighting in the combinations we were creating.


Yes--please do. The Blog welcomes contributors!


Yo! Sonya has lately been making fabulous veggie sushi, featuring SSF kale, beets, etc. They hold together AND are delicious...I'll send photos the next time they appear.

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