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April 02, 2011


Lynda Klem

We always buy Country Hen eggs...they are our favorite. I was told recently that some eggs are 'sprayed' with an antibacterial spray....which also affects the taste of the egg. So I have a question: Are you required to spray or bathe your eggs in any antibacterial/antimicrobial solutions? Thanks.

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Truly. These are the best "natural" eggs you can buy commercially, aside from those at a farmers market, laid by happy hens.


Just tried my first batch of Country Hen eggs. Delish! I also checked out the video done by an ABC crew. All looks great at the CH farm. Was wondering about the de-beaking process. A few hens looks a bit short in the beak though most looked intact. Nothing was mentioned in the news clip. Hopefully, with the amount of dust bathing, preening and sunning the owner has taken into consideration for healthy, not to mention happy hens, beak trimming went out with the cages. Cudos to CH for finding the happy medium in farming for a profit.


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